mudluscious friend

smooth mud, packed into cakes
creaking chains on swings
held with wet palms
hair dripping in strands
from a run under the sprinkler
the secret things we did
hidden upstairs in your garage
all the games we played
running bases monkey in the middle
Chinese school hands clenched
tight around pebbles and then
there are the games with
no names with feathers
pursed lips air blown on bare skin
you the only one who I wrestled
who I swore allegiance best best friend
the one who climbed beside me
no matter where I went who let me
put up her hair pose her beside the willow
let me touch her catholic thighs who
slipped her fingers over me blew hot
dreams into all my lips and seams even
when your mother opened the door
and saw us even then Madeline
you were my best friend

Showcase Press
Issue one  2006

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